Program & Presentations

SX program and presentations

The 2015 Science Exchange (SX) was held at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast from 11 August to Friday 14 August. The purpose of SX is to bring the ‘CRC family’ together, with the PBCRC Board, staff, students, researchers, participants, industry representatives and government agencies gathering to share our research, develop collaborative relationships and maximise impact from our portfolio.

It provides an opportunity for like-minded researchers to come together to share knowledge and ideas, leading to innovative and cooperative research in the future that will deliver impact for end-users of our research.

In 2015 the SX included a variety of plenary sessions, presentations from research teams, Board and project meetings, as well as a gala dinner and other social events, providing ample opportunities to learn from and interact with other delegates. A key part of the CRC is capacity building through our PhD program. The SX plays an important role in this, providing our students with the opportunity to present to and acquire knowledge from their peers.

Final SX2015 program (PDF, 291 KB).

Full SX handbook (PDF, 4.27 MB).


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