Secure Future

Secure Future

Research Program 4 – Secure Future has two themes:

Theme 1: Working with community, governments and industry to build engagement

  • Strategies and workplace processes for remote Indigenous people to sustain small businesses that undertake biosecurity surveillance and management in remote northern communities.

  • Risk assessment tools for local government and non-government agencies to identify the best community engagement strategy and evaluate their investment related to biosecurity policy implementation across diverse regions and communities.

  • Social impact assessment methods for federal and state/territory governments to isolate and identify the social factors that will impact the uptake and effectiveness of any biosecurity policy and analyse the outcome of that investment.

  • Decision support tools for businesses when adding biosecurity management to their supply chain and economic modelling.

  • Risk assessment tools for communities to assist in identifying the social and economic impact of a biosecurity incursion and the appropriate investment strategy to influence social change to benefit communities and minimise the impact of any incursion.

  • Integration of these outputs into a robust decision support system that identify the social indicators impacting on the successful implementation of biosecurity plans or practice. This will outline the options, processes and resources for supporting stakeholder collaboration.

Theme 2: A new national plant biosecurity structure to safeguard Australia well into the future

  • Analysis of policy gaps in Australia’s national plant health system.

  • Engagement with partners across industry and government to extend PBCRC’s impact by development of national biosecurity structures that will safeguard Australia well into the future. A specific focus will be the way science can underpin the policy implementation of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity (IGAB), the new National Plant Biosecurity Strategy (NPBS) and the National RD&E Frameworks for plant biosecurity, grains and horticulture.

  • Design of new structures to cope with the escalating ‘global threat’ environment and changing domestic priorities to deliver lasting impact from the outcomes of Australia’s investment in plant biosecurity science through CRCNPB and PBCRC.

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