Safeguarding Trade

Safeguarding Trade

Research Program 3 – Safeguarding Trade has two themes:

Theme 1: Tools, technologies and strategies to safeguard international markets for grain and horticultural exports

  • Newer options to complement or replace individual pest treatments with systems approaches to pest management that will support Australian agribusiness and assist industry meet market requirements in regard to the need for commodities to be free of pests.

  • Determination of the pest status of commodities and the best sequence in which to apply treatments to provide a plant product free from pests of concern.

  • Evaluation of the independent effectiveness of each step to ensure there is control of product integrity through a production and export chain as well as compatibility between different combinations of treatments.

Theme 2: Better management of established pests

  • Analysis of the implications of climate change and variability on maintaining area freedom and areas with low pest prevalence essential for interstate and international trade.

  • Replacement of chemical treatments for grain storage pests with alternatives involving new technologies such as low oxygen atmospheres in silos.

  • In the interim, more effective use of phosphine fumigation through improved resistance management strategies.

  • Research into the alternatives to the use of methyl bromide (a severe ozone depleting chemical controlled under the Montreal Protocol) and sulfuryl fluoride (a greenhouse gas). 

  • New procedures that reduce waste and improve operational flexibility and, through their deployment, achieve operational efficiencies in the management of key storage pests.

Projects in this Program