Insecticidal surface coatings (ISC) to control pests of stored grains

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Dr David Eagling
Dr Pat Collins
Mr Anthony Flynn
Mr David Williams
Red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum)

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Insecticidal surface coatings (ISC) to control pests of stored grains

Final Report Summary

During this Plant Biosecurity CRC project the research team worked with a commercial party to develop a prototype paint-based product that incorporates an insecticide for insect control.

Several potential paint-based product formulations for the control of storage grain insects were developed and assessed in the laboratory.

Test protocols were developed and initial testing provided insights into the various factors that were critical to product performance.

After several testing and development phases a paint-based product was developed as a putative Insecticidal Surface Coating (ISC). The aim of the ISC was to perform as a barrier product to the movement of the common stored grain pest, the red flour beetle.

A formulation was developed that restricted the movement of the red flour beetle as tested on 1 metre lengths of prepared concrete surfaces.

It is hoped that the results will contribute to the development of future ISC-based products that will assist in the management of pests in grain storages and reduce pressure on fumigations (and linked development of resistance and increase in control failures). 


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