3149: Molecular basis of response to (sub)lethal stresses

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Kelly Hill
Alexi Papanicolaou
Kay Jutamat Anantanawat
Associate Professor YongLin Ren

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3149: Molecular basis of response to (sub)lethal stresses

This project aims to explore the molecular responses of tephritid fruit fly to stresses in post-harvest disinfestation, which will be achieved by characterising the cellular pathways involved in both overall and stressor-specific responses, including cell death and stress resistance. We will focus on stresses relevant to fruit fly post-harvest entomology such as heat, cold, hypobaric and irradiation.

Three specific aims are: 1) to conduct bioassays and RNASeq across developmental stages and recovery time to identify candidate genes responding to stress or recovery, 2) to construct gene networks to identify pathway membership and relationships, and 3) to validate specific genes' involvement in stress response and resistance using functional assays. Two fruit fly species of horticultural significance, Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) will be used in this project.

The aim is to provide the wider research community with tephritid stress-response networks which will aid in the further development of tools to safeguard Australian fruit and vegetable crops.

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