PaDIL logoThe Pest and Disease Image Library (PaDIL) is a publicly available online database that provides over 10,000 diagnostic images and information on insects, pathogens and weed species. PaDIL is an important resource for Australian and New Zealand biosecurity as it provides information on pests and pathogens that are exotic to these countries as well as native insect and pathogen species.

PBCRC has been asked to develop a business plan for the long-term development of PaDIL and its components, taking into account the current and potential national and international biosecurity environment. In developing this business plan PBCRC is consulting widely with current and prospective users of PaDIL.

An online questionnaire has provided valuable input. View the questionnaire responses here:

A PaDIL workshop was held on 2 October 2014 to coincide with the Australian Entomological Society Scientific meeting in Canberra. This workshop focussed on the existing and potential roles for PaDIL and options for ongoing support and development. 

If you would like to know more about the consultation process, contact PBCRC.