Investment Plan

Investment Plan

Investment Plan 2012-18

About the Investment Plan

The PBCRC Investment Plan 2012-2018 guides the research investments to be made through the whole term to deliver on our Commonwealth Agreement outputs, Participants Agreement, PBCRC Program goals and meet our research priorities. It clearly articulates the investment areas agreed through contracts (e.g. Commonwealth Agreement, Participants Agreement), the bid documents, and various planning and Panel meetings held prior to and after the PBCRC‘s commencement. It forms the basis for reporting on activity to our Board, Participants, the CRC Program and the general public, and for assessing remaining gaps and opportunities for new investments.

Development and selection of projects

Following the release of the Investment Plan, management worked with Participants to collaboratively develop project proposals. The development and selection of projects to be undertaken in the PBCRC has balanced several factors, the most important of which are the need to deliver on all contracted outputs and the quality of the science. The other selection criteria are:

  • End-user support

  • Team track record

  • Path to market (end-user or next user) – projects must show they are addressing a need

  • Cooperation and collaboration

  • Participant commitments

  • Cash flow and financial management

Projects are approved by the Board, based on recommendations from the CEO, who draws advice from the end-user Advisory Panels and the Science Committee.

Investment Plan content

View the Investment Plan 2012-2018 for the following information:

  • Background to PBCRC, its structure and its place in the biosecurity operating environment

  • Investment objectives, strategies and allocations

  • Project Development and investment selection process

  • PBCRC Programs 1-4 – contractual obligations (Outputs, Impacts), overview and proposed investment areas

  • Appendix A – Commonwealth Milestones

  • Appendix B – PBCRC’s direct stakeholders and their RD&E role