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Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership
Co-Investment Opportunities

The Partnership contributes to the Australian Government’s focus on aid for trade and economic growth. It aims to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability, strengthen agricultural value chains and help overcome regulatory impediments, while building capacity for agricultural innovation in Africa. There are considerable benefits for national and multilateral agencies and the private sector in co-investment in the Partnership, through extra funding or in-kind support.

Benefits of co-investment include:

  • Private sector agencies and companies are direct beneficiaries of a strong biosecurity system.
  • Agricultural industries engaged in both domestic and international trade need a strong biosecurity system to manage pests which affect production of crops, as well as post-harvest pests which can damage products in storage or in-transit to markets.
  • Private sector exporters of agricultural produce require a strong biosecurity system to gain and maintain access to overseas markets and to build a reputation as reliable suppliers of pest free products.  
  • Financial support to sponsor a Biosecurity Fellow can directly benefit private sector businesses by meeting the commercial objectives of improving productivity and enhancing reputation.
  • Responsibility for biosecurity is shared between government and the private sector; industry workers are often the first to encounter new or emerging pests and diseases and can play a critical role in alerting government agencies to new threats, enabling a rapid response.

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