Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership

Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership

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The Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership (AAPBP) is a plant biosecurity capacity development program using Australian expertise to strengthen biosecurity skills and planning in Africa. This will support increased production, market access for African farmers and improved food security.

In line with Australia’s aid framework, the partnership aims to enhance plant biosecurity capacity in African countries and regions in order to lift agricultural economic productivity and promote safe trade in plant commodities.

The project is the result of representations from African stakeholders to the Australian Government who noted that the world-class strength and experience of Australian biosecurity agencies could assist to strengthen African plant biosecurity capacity. Countries involved include Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Agriculture employs over 60 per cent of the labour force and accounts for 30 per cent of gross domestic product in many African countries. Agricultural performance is key to growth and poverty reduction in Africa, impacting on employment, health, nutrition and livelihoods (especially for women and youth). Great strides are being made by many African countries to enhance farm productivity through research, infrastructure projects and, importantly, more effective operation of agricultural markets and trade.

The AAPBP is led by PBCRC and funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The program is being delivered by a consortium of PBCRC, the Crawford Fund and CAB International. The AAPBP aims to leverage support from other international agencies and to complement other work underway on plant biosecurity issues in Africa.

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Project steering committee:

  • Dr Michael Robinson, CEO, PBCRC
  • Dr Denis Blight, CEO, Crawford Fund
  • Dr Dennis Rangi, Executive Director for International Development, CABI Africa
  • Dr Dennis Bittisnich, Manager, Biosecurity and Food Safety AIFSC, ACIAR
  • Bill Magee, Project Leader (Australia), PBCRC
  • Roger Day, Project Leader (Africa), Deputy Director, Development, CABI Africa

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