Early Warning

Early Warning

Research Program 1 – Early Warning includes two themes:

Theme 1: Tools and techniques for the identification of new and emerging plant pest threats and pathways

  • Analysis of the most dangerous and economically significant exotic plant pests forecast to invade Australia.

  • Identification and analysis of the relevant pathways and trade networks, in particular, the points of vulnerability in the networks that facilitate pest entry, establishment and spread. This includes new trade patterns, climate change and the increasing movement of goods and people between countries.

  • Models that describe the patterns of entry and spread as a result of natural processes such as wind and human processes (e.g. transport networks). This will allow decision makers to determine where and when surveillance activities can best be undertaken, what form of surveillance would be most effective, and how this would fit into the existing biosecurity processes.

Theme 2: Decision-making tools to improve planning for pest threats

  • Principles and models to provide decision makers (government and industry) with the capacity to determine the most effective interventions to reduce the risk; who should apply these interventions; and where in the system they should be applied to provide the best risk return benefits. Research into techniques to assess the economic benefit of different approaches to the management of biosecurity issues.

Projects in this Program