Science Committee

Science Committee

The role of the Science Committee Advisory Panel is defined by the Participants Agreement to advise, through the CEO, the Governing Board and the PB IP Board on:

  • End-user issues
  • Project development
  • Project proposals
  • Ongoing monitoring of projects and reporting (this may include working with the Research Coordinator and Program Leader to find remedial actions)
  • Commercialisation

The key responsibilities of the Science Committee are to:

  • Oversight the implementation of a high quality, integrated science portfolio from inception to delivery
  • Establish and communicate to Participants (and beyond) RDE priorities, ensuring alignment with all relevant plans and agreements
  • Oversight monitoring and evaluation of the investment portfolio to ensure demonstration of value and impact consistent with plans and agreements
  • Provide general advice to the CEO on the scientific and operating environment
  • Oversight of investment portfolio balance
  • Promote science outputs and outcomes
  • General leadership and representation of plant biosecurity RDE and PBCRC activity in a range of fora
  • Stakeholder liaison – science based
  • Develop networks to enhance Australia’s biosecurity system, and
  • Enhance and ensure PBCRC reputation.

The  Science Committee is made up of the following members:

  • PBCRC Chief Executive Officer
  • Principal Scientist
  • PBCRC Program Leaders
  • PBCRC Research Coordinators