Regulatory Advisory Panel

Regulatory Advisory Panel

The Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP) comprises members of the National Plant Health Committee established under the Primary Industries Standing Committee structure. This includes representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, each of the State and Territory departments of primary industries and agriculture, CSIRO and Plant Health Australia. The Australian Plague Locust Commission and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (NZ) are observers on this Advisory Panel.

The current RAP membership is:

  • Sally Troy (Chair), Assistant Secretary, Plant Health Policy Branch (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

  • Andrew Bishop, Chief Plant Health Manager (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and Environment Tasmania)

  • Rosa Crnov (Ecodev Victoria)

  • Geoff Raven (Manager Plant and Food Standards, Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA)

  • Shashi Sharma, Director Plant Biosecurity, (Department of Agriculture and Food WA)

  • Satendra Kumar, Director Plant Biosecurity (NSW Department of Primary Industries)

  • Mike Ashton, General Manager (Plant Biosecurity & Product Integrity), Biosecurity Queensland (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

  • Sarah Corcoran, Chief Inspector Plant Health, (NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries)

  • Rodney Turner, General Manager, Risk Management (Plant Health Australia Ltd)

  • Veronica Herrera, Director Investigation and Diagnostic Centre and Response (Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand)

  • Vincent Lanoiselet (Department of Agriculture and Food WA)

  • Bernadette Vogelzang Principal Policy Officer, Plant Health (Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia)