Grains Advisory Panel

Grains Advisory Panel

The Grains Advisory Panel (GAP) comprises one representative from each of Viterra, GrainCorp and CBH, GRDC’s Senior Manager Commercial Grain Technologies and three representatives from GRDC (one from each Regional Panel).

The current GAP membership is:

  • Phillip Clamp - Chair (GrainCorp)
  • Ernestos Kostas (CBH)
  • Greg Hopkins (Viterra)
  • Ken Young (GRDC)
  • Keith Pengilly (GRDC Southern Panel)

GAP Chair - Phillip Clamp


“We have had some great research outputs from the CRC such as understanding and managing our pests better and exploring exciting new technologies to control them. These outputs underpin our international competitiveness and ensures that grain pest management has a sustainable future. GAP is proud to partner the CRC in its end-user driven research endeavours that are having a real and positive impact on the biosecurity landscape."