Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels

The three Advisory Panels have a membership of end-users from the grains, horticulture and regulatory sectors. They are vital for providing their sectors perspective to identify specific R&D outcomes that will enable PBCRC to establish research priorities. There is also a Science Committee Advisory Panel. The role of the Advisory Panels has been formalised in PBCRC’s Participants Agreement and is defined as advising “the Governing Board and the PB IP Board on:

  • end user issues
  • project development
  • project proposals
  • ongoing monitoring of projects and reporting (this may include working with the Research Coordinator and Program Leader to find remedial actions), and
  • commercialisation / utilisation of project outputs.”

The Advisory Panels also work with the Research Coordinator and Program Leader to establish research priorities consistent with the Commonwealth Agreement and the PBCRC Strategic Plan. Each Advisory Panel comprises membership from the respective end-user group. More information on each Advisory Panel, including current membership, is available here:

Each Advisory Panel operates under a similar Charter which sets out its role and operations. They are Chaired by Participants and meet up to four times per year. 

In undertaking their role, Advisory Panel Members take advice from a number of sources as to the research issues to be submitted to PBCRC. These priorities are established in line with the Commonwealth Agreement and the PBCRC Strategic Plan and in consultation with the Science Committee and PBCRC CEO. 

Following review by the Science Committee, regulatory research projects which meet criteria are provided to Advisory Panels for assessment and endorsement prior to submission to the PBCRC Board. This assessment and endorsement is undertaken with reference to the Product Development guidelines, budget information and end-user needs.

Advisory Panel Members are provided with Project Progress Reports that form part of their research portfolio activities for review and feedback. Copies of all Final Project Reports are also provided for information and feedback.