To ensure consistency in all communication of PBCRC research and business activities, various templates can be downloaded from this page.

Plant Biosecurity CRC PowerPoint presentation template

The presentation template has been developed to reflect the CRC's corporate brand. If you are importing information from an existing presentation, you should ensure the font and bullet points in the headings and content reflects the styles in the template.

Plant Biosecurity CRC Poster template



Publication Clearance Form

PBCRC has a legally binding duty to both its Participants and the Commonwealth Government to protect intellectual property arising from its research. As a strategy to achieve this aim, all publications involving or arising from PBCRC associated projects must be forwarded to PBCRC for approval prior to publication. The PBCRC Publication Guidelines and Publication Clearance Form are available below.

Project information template

The project information sheet is used by PBCRC to collate information about each of the research projects. This information will be used on the PBCRC website.

Schedule variation proposal template

The schedule variation proposal template should be completed and submitted to the relevant PBCRC Program Leader (prior to it being submitted to the PBCRC office) when a project variation is required. 

Style Guide

PBCRC's image is reflected by its brand - logo, typeface and corporate palette of colours. More information is available in the PBCRC Style Guide.

If you have any questions contact the PBCRC office.