Project reporting

Project reporting

PBCRC requires all projects to submit project reports. General information about PBCRC's project reporting processes, including information about quarterly reporting, progress reporting to other organisations and final reports, is available in the Project Reporting Overview.

Quarterly reporting

All projects are required to submit quarterly progress reports in PBCRC’s information management system, imap. There are two types of reports:

  • Status Report (required every quarter)
    This report collects the data that the CRC needs to ensure that we are meeting our Commonwealth Agreement and will help identify opportunities to support and promote our research.
  • Research Impact Report (required every November and May)
    This Report will allow the CRC to review projects to help our teams deliver impact for our end-users and will streamline our reporting by using this process to build towards delivering the Final Report.


imap is a tool for managing and reporting on the progress of CRC projects. Project leaders are responsible for keeping all project information up to date within imap and producing progress reports each quarter.

How do I establish an imap account?

Project leaders will automatically be set up with an imap account by PBCRC's Project Officer once their project is contracted. If you have not been set up with an imap account or if you are a project leader and would like a member of your team to have access, contact the PBCRC office. A confirmation email will be forwarded to your email once an imap account has been established.

How do I access imap?

Download the Guide to using imap to view information on:

  • downloading the imap software
  • logging into imap and activating your imap account
  • locating your project information in imap, and
  • managing your project in imap.

Any queries regarding imap or PBCRC's project management process contact the PBCRC office.