The Leaflet: Science Protecting Plant Health

The September Leaflet features the Science Protecting Plant Health conference which saw more than 500 participants, including scientists, practitioners, students and policy makers, exposed to the latest research and practice in plant biosecurity, plant pathology and entomology. Here's the news from the conference floor, including photos, awards and more ... Read the full issue


Better responses to biosecurity breaches

New ways to improve how we respond to pest and disease outbreaks have been found by social science researchers at the Plant Biosecurity CRC.

“By looking closely at the kind of human networks that are involved in pest and disease responses, from national committees down to farmers on the ground, we can better target capacity and support rules-of-behaviour that actually fit the requirements of the diverse tasks involved.” said Plant Biosecurity CRC project leader Dr Cathy Robinson from CSIRO. 

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SmartBiosecurity: Australasian Plant Biosecurity Collaborative Research Institute

We are delighted to present an investment proposal for SmartBiosecurityAustralasian Plant Biosecurity Collaborative Science Institute. This proposal for Australasian biosecurity research, development and extension builds upon the existing momentum and structures of the Plant Biosecurity CRC (which ceases in 2018), utilising the strengths of shared resourcing and overcoming the weaknesses of a short-term CRC.

View the proposal and the media release.

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