Postgraduate coursework in plant biosecurity

Postgraduate coursework in plant biosecurity

Murdoch University is offering the only postgraduate degree in Plant Biosecurity in the world. The comprehensive course ensures that any graduate is job-ready by covering the entire biosecurity continuum in detail, with units in Introductory Biosecurity, Risk Analysis, Community Engagement and a variety of biosecurity plant pests.

Entry to the Graduate Certificate can be based on relevant employment experience, and the completion of the Graduate Certificate qualifies you for the Masters. Masters students complete a six month research project on a topic of their choice. The Masters is now also open to those who are interested in animal, marine/aquatic and environmental biosecurity.

Feedback from past students has been overwhelmingly positive. For those needing flexibility part time study is available, and everything is delivered entirely online. The course is taught by a consortium of five universities, each with expertise in their particular area of biosecurity – you will learn from the best!

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Feedback from former students:

"I really enjoyed the pest risk analysis task, and the case studies throughout the modules were interesting and gave context.”

“It provides a useful appreciation of detection and diagnostics in the area of plant biosecurity.”

“The lecture slides were fantastic, very detailed. The practical parts of the assessments were really good (surveys and triage diagnosis).”

“Learning about the pre-border activities and their influence on managing import risk. Very useful for my day-to-day work, supporting decision-making in risk mitigation. The knowledge was immediately applied and relevant.”

“The use of specific examples, not just from Australia but useful overseas examples also. Some really interesting papers which helped to expand and explain the online learning material. Revision questions also useful.”