Year in Review 2016

We are delighted to bring you our Year in Review 2016.

In 2016 our research projects were focused on delivery, and by the end of the year there were 161 research projects in total (active or complete) with our 27 Participants from government, research institutions and industry.

In the Year in Review 2016 you can discover the impact of PBCRC research through case studies and highlights, on tomato potato psyllid, border biosecurity, indigenous engagement, genetic control for fruit fly, and grain pest ecology - just to name a few of the many highlights.

Our education and training activities remain strong with quality research being undertaken by our PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows. Our Science Exchange conference was a feature of 2016 bringing together over 200 researchers, government and industry representatives, and students.

Our international linkages were strengthened with the formalisation of a biosecurity research partnership with Indonesia, the Bilateral Plant Biosecurity Initiative. The Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership continued with huge success in 2016 with workshops in Tanzania and Kenya further building the skills, networks and knowledge of Senior Fellows in Africa.

A focus on the future of plant biosecurity research and innovation, was a focus with the SmartBiosecurity project, looking at what is next for cross-sectoral plant biosecurity research in Australia once the CRC closes in 2018.

All this and more in the Year in Review 2016.