2015: Year in review

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We are delighted to bring you our inaugural Year in Review for 2015.

PBCRC commenced in 2012, following on from the work of the CRC for National Plant Biosecurity (2005-2012). In 2015 we saw the great majority of our research projects up and running, with work really starting to take off to deliver for impact. By the end of 2015 there were 138 quality research projects in total with our 27 Participants from government, universities and industry. We also focused on extending our collaborations and looking at the commercial potential of research.

In the Year in Review 2015 you can discover the impact of PBCRC research through case studies and research snapshots to gain an understanding of the value of biosecurity RD&E. We hope you will enjoy reading about the research and how it is being delivered to have practical impact, assisting government, industry and communities to improve Australia's biosecurity shield.

Our education and training activities remain strong with quality research being undertaken by our PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows. Our popular Science Exchange conference was a feature of 2015 bringing together researchers, end-users and students.

The Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership accelerated in 2015 with 15 senior Biosecurity Fellows from Africa gaining valuable experience in Australia. We were also happy to formalise a strong partnership with China to join forces on grains research.

Fruit fly RD&E features prominently in PBCRC research and the launch of the National Fruit Fly RD&E Plan was a major PBCRC initiative in 2015, ensuring that fruit fly research will be a national priority to the benefit of our horticultural industries.

PBCRC is playing a leading role in national leadership, coordination, resourcing and capacity building in plant biosecurity RD&E. In the Year in Review we focus on case studies that are delivering in the areas of:

  • Market access

  • Fruit fly

  • Grains

  • Horticulture

  • Surveillance

  • Diagnostics

  • Incursion response

  • Border biosecurity

  • Capacity building

  • Social biosecurity

  • Environmental biosecurity

We hope you enjoy reading the Year in Review 2015 and look forward to another bumper year of biosecurity built on quality science.

You might also want to check out the Smart biosecurity science initiative where you can have your say on the long-term future of plant biosecurity RD&E in Australia.