Biosecurity built on science podcast

Welcome to Biosecurity built on science - the podcast of the Plant Biosecurity CRC. Stay tuned for more podcasts about our research.


Dr Michael Robinson - Science and agriculture 

CEO of the Plant Biosecurity CRC Dr Michael Robinson speaks about future trends, challenges and opportunities and the role of biosecurity science in sustaining and growing Australian agriculture.  Listen on Soundcloud

Managing Myrtle Rust in Australia 

Geoff Pegg (QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) and Bob Makinson, Chair of the Myrtle Rust, Environmental Impacts Working Group discuss the state of Myrtle Rust research, past, present and future directions. Listen on Soundcloud


Ausveg - Tomato potato psyllid - and research impact 

This talk explores the importance of incursion response tools from an end-user perspective, highlighted through a tomato potato psyllid and Candidatus Liberibacter case study. 

Listen on Soundcloud 


Richard Palmer, Jim Stack, Brendan Rodoni: Genome-informed diagnostics 

This talk explores PBCRC research into the development of genome-informed diagnostics, using Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae or Psa as a case study example. Psa, a bacterial kiwifruit vine disease, in its most virulent form destroys kiwifruit vines, which in 2015 accounted for 28% of all New Zealand horticultural exports. Listen on Soundcloud.

Phosphine resistance - an end users perspective:  Phil Clamp and Dr Manoj Nayak

Around the world, grain industries are looking for solutions to the increasing problem of insect resistance to the key fumigant phosphine, a fumigant that underpins the Australian exports of grains. Listen on Soundcloud


Dr Linda Semeraro

Dr Semeraro discusses studying for her PhD with PBCRC and how she identifies insects for biosecurity purposes at AgriBio (a La Trobe University and Victorian Government partnership). Listen on Soundcloud.

Jacqui Morris, PhD student - Psyllids

Jacqui Morris discusses how her research into tiny insects called psyllids will help keep Australia's potato industry safe from Zebra Chip disease. Jacqui is a PBCRC PhD student studying at AgriBio, a partnership between the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources and La Trobe University. Go to Soundcloud to listen in.

Mark Schutze - Fruit fly

Mark discusses how fruit fly threatens global agriculture and why being able to identify different species is so important. Mark leads a Plant Biosecurity CRC project developing a suite of tailor-made molecular diagnostic tools and a major revision of the Australian Handbook for the Identification of Fruit Flies (3:33). Go to Soundcloud to listen in.