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New single test to detect plant viruses

A Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre team are rolling out a plant diagnostic toolkit that can accurately detect plant viruses and viroids in a single test.

“By tapping into the plant’s natural defences we are able to detect nearly every known plant virus with much greater accuracy – giving us a test with a very high level of confidence,” said Dr Roberto Barrero, project leader from Murdoch University.

The test is based on next generation small RNA sequencing technologies and is part of a toolkit that provides comprehensive guidance on the new techniques including sample collection, preparation, operating procedures, the informatics analytical environment and screening tools.

Read the media release and watch the video.

New single test to detect plant viruses from Plant Biosecurity CRC on Vimeo.

Newsletter special feature: Tomato potato psyllid

Our latest newsletter is a tomato potato psyllid special feature. Plus there is a new podcast, a nifty animated video about plant biosecurity stakeholder engagement and more of the best of biosecurity built on science. There is also a blog post about the future of plant biosecurity RD&E from our Chairman, Dr Martin Barlass. Read the full issue here.

Smart biosecurity science is an opportunity to have your say in how future plant biosecurity research, development and extension (RD&E) can best grow markets together. If you have a role to play in the future of plant biosecurity RD&E, now is the time to get involved. Visit the website.

Early Warning
Early Warning

Program 01

Tools and techniques for the identification of new and emerging plant pest threats as well as decision-making tools to improve planning for pest threats.
Effective Detection and Response
Effective Detection and Response

Program 02

New technologies for surveillance and monitoring of plant pests, including faster, cheaper, more accurate identification and sharper responses to incursions.
Safeguarding Trade
Safeguarding Trade

Program 03

Tools, technologies and strategies to safeguard international markets for grain and horticultural exports and better management of established pests.
Secure Future
Secure Future

Program 04

Working with community, governments and industry to build engagement and developing a new national plant biosecurity structure to safeguard Australia well into the future.

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